I’m looking for what I missed in THATcampFlorence last week: an atelier about how mapping history data’s with open access layers and free programs. With Google Map/Earth ? Using Maptiler www.maptiler.org/ ? Using Georeferencer from new mapsto old maps and vice-versa www.georeferencer.org/ ? Creating Maps with batch geo www.batchgeo.com/? Looking at openly accessible historical layers ? Where ? Anywhere on the web ? Idea is not only to place historical data’s within a proper historical map but to buil historical maps where to embed multi-media documents, texts, sources and compare with different periods. What about this web site: primary-sources.eui.eu/website/regnum-francorum-online ? Are they similar scholarly examples for US History different from the use of maps within Valley of the Shadow for example, the war of secession has been scholarly mapped in digital histopry projects for example ?

Another interest would be to define more precisely the concept of Digital Public History looking at what Digital History is about: what would caracterize digital PH which would not be part of Digital History as such ? Should we use what we could say between Public History and History and apply it to the digital world ? I quote here Dan Coen’s blog defining -shortly- Digital Humanities. I substituted only the word Humanities by History. (www.dancohen.org/2011/03/09/defining-digital-humanities-briefly/Broadly construed, digital history is the use of digital media and technology to advance the full range of thought and practice in history, from the creation of scholarly resources, to research on those resources, to the communication of results to colleagues and students. Should we adress it the same way replacing history by “public history”  ? Any conceptual framework, literature to look at all together ?

Serge Noiret,